How to Repurpose what your Customers Say about you?

How to Repurpose what your Customers Say about you?

According to BigCommerce, 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business. I can quote 20 more stats and figures like this to tell you how important it is to include testimonials, feedback and reviews of any kind in your content marketing strategy. 

I am sure you already use testimonials, feedback, and reviews for social media posts or your website. 

In this blog, we will see a few ways to repurpose everything and anything positive that comes out of your customer's mouth. 

Let's get started 

#1 Convert Demo Video Content to a Testimonial

If you are a business where you conduct a lot of demo calls, then all I want to say is start recording those calls. It is an excellent chance to capture candid positive reactions from your client. This is so much better and more impactful than asking your customer to send scripted feedback videos. You can use it to make content for social media posts, ads, or website content. 

I came across this creative video by Justin Simon, a content repurposing expert. Here he has shared a product promotion video of the marketing operating system of, where he works as the content marketing head. In the video, very smartly, they have added the positive responses they received during the demo calls.


Justin's LinkedIn page is full of such examples that's why he is one of the top 3 profiles that I recommend to follow on LinkedIn if you are into Content repurposing. If you are wondering who the other two are, check out Top 3 Profiles to Follow ASAP on LinkedIn for Content Repurposing.

The best thing about these kinds of posts is that it doesn't give a chance to your audience to go - "Their product looks interesting, but can I trust them?". Before that, you serve them all the social proof you have.

#2 Comments to Social Media Post

If you are lucky enough to have an audience on social media platforms who engage with your post by commenting, then consider yourself blessed. Your audience is basically giving you content. 

Check out these comments on one of the YouTube videos.

This can be used in so many ways. If I was the owner of this channel, the first thing I would have done is just make a collage of all these comments and posted them on my other social media handles along with the link to the video. With some captions like what is this 12-minute video that everyone is obsessing over. This is the simplest thing you can do!

#3 Use in email marketing

Option 1: Buy our organic oil to reduce hair fall in 30 days.

Option 2: This is how our organic oil helped Amanda from New Jersey to reduce hair fall in 30 days.

Which one seems more compelling? If you receive two emails with the above subject lines, which one will you open first? Without a doubt, the 2nd one. While option 1 is just a claim, option 2 is a claim with proof. It tells your customer that you can help them and give them proof of other people you have helped. 

#4 Ratings as product production post

Let's say your products are listed on various e-Commerce platforms with the rating feature. You can simply create a product promotion post like this:

#5 Show off your Bestseller badge

E-commerce platforms like Amazon have this "Best Seller" badge feature. The Best Seller badge represents people's choice and sale density. If any of your products have the best seller badge, then show it off. It might stay the best seller for quite some time. Don't forget to include that in the posts - since when or for how long is it listed as the best seller. 

In the end, it comes down to one thing. You have social proof, so capitalise on it. Get creative and let your happy client do the talking to your potential customer. You just make sure that the message reaches the potential customers.

Arpita Lenka

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