Content repurposing for YouTubers

Content repurposing for YouTubers

1 YouTube video means you have 3 types of content - video, audio and text at your disposal. You can make snippets, podcasts, infographics, blogs and a lot more with it.

Here are a few ways to repurpose your YouTube video and create an online presence. Let's see how you can leverage your videos to create more content. 

Make YouTube Shorts

Pick out some catchy and interesting parts of your YouTube Video, resize it into portrait format with 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels dimension, and release it. Just keep in mind that the duration of the content shouldn't be more than 60 seconds. 

These types of short-form videos are ruling the content market now, and one thing we can say for sure is that it is here to stay. Your customers' attention span is reducing, and with that, bite-sized concise content is gaining popularity. That's why you should definitely invest some time in making shorts.

Take our Snippets for other platforms: Before you take out snippets in different dimensions for other platforms, make sure to reuse your YouTube Shorts for Instagram and Facebook reel, which has the same dimension. All you need to do is post it. 

Once that's done, focus on snippets that are longer in duration and can't fit in reels. You can do it in two ways, either create the snippets in such a way that it acts as a bait for the main video or serve as an independent post. 

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Convert to Podcast: Extract the audio file of the video and make a podcast out of it. This way, you can reach a broader number of audiences who rely on or prefer audio content over video content. 

Make Audiograms: Now that you have that audio file. You can take it one step further by adding some visual elements like waves and captions and create audiograms. You can either convert the entire audio file or some parts of it, that your audience will find relevant and interesting. 

Make bite-size creatives: Using the content of the video, you can make a ton of creatives like quote cards, infographics, carousels and a lot more. You can use those creatives for your YouTube community post and other relevant social networking sites. If you have a YouTube talk show, you can make quote cards of anything interesting that your guests say. If you make informative videos, then you can convert the content into an infographic.

Create an email series: You can create email series using your video content for your channel's marketing. Let's say you have a YouTube channel about MBA, and you talk about colleges, programmes, preparation and other related stuff. The content of those videos can be used for creating email series. You can create a series about top 10 colleges, placement reports or preparation strategies. You can also create micro-content from the video, which can be attached to the mail.

These are a few ways you can repurpose your YouTube videos. With content repurposing, you can reach more people, and create an online presence but with the extra work.

Arpita Lenka

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