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You all are AWESOME. We were testing multiple vendors this first month to see what the output was like. You knocked it out of the park! Design, timing, responsiveness! Thank you :)

NectarEmily mireault

Emily Mireault

Marketing @ Nectar

Most podcast editors don’t take the time to understand the content. You basically have to hand hold them through the edit. We were not looking for another editing agency who would keep asking us what to clip or what’s important. That’s exactly why we went with the Komet Media team.

They took ownership of the project, took the time to research and understand the content, basically bringing a lot of value to the table. They've done great work with our L&D Cafe podcast & MochaSips podcast.

For us personally, they've made it easy to consistently churn out podcasts because we know we just have to send it to them and they'll take care of everything else.

iMochaPranav Kale

Pranav Kale

Marketing Storyteller and Strategist,

Every SaaS business’ podcast program typically starts with a lot of enthusiasm and ideas of content repurposing, content proliferation & high engagement only to have it become overwhelming after a point.

The overwhelming feeling occurs due to an underestimation of resources or bandwidth required to make the initiative into a success. It's not just resources, but also a wide variety of skills required like production, sound engineering, mastering, editing, animation, copywriting… and everything requires a certain level of expertise to squeeze every single drop of gold out of the produced content.

With us, you can say goodbye to overwhelming feeling forever. You focus on what you do best, we take care of the rest 😉


Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced Visibility

Drive up to 3x reach and engagement by repurposing your webinars, streams, podcasts into bite-sized munchable assets.

No More Hassle

No More Hassle

Save hours per week by allowing us to take over the headache of finding clippable moments, editing etc. allowing you to focus on your business.

Content Machine

Content Machine

Get at least 7 days of content from each podcast, stream, webinar which allows you to be present and grow brand awareness.

How it works

Content Repurposing Machine
What do you get?

What do you get?

Bullet Point

Small bite-sized clips based on key moments

Bullet Point

Hardcoded subtitles for each of your clips

Bullet Point

Clips that meet your branding guidelines

Bullet Point

Save hours with no more manual watching.

Bullet Point

Snippets, Blogs, Tweets, Creatives, Posts & Much More


Approval Modes

Approval Modes

Choose from High, Low or Autopilot  approval modes as per your convenience.

2 days turn around

2 day turn around

Get premium quality snippets with your own branding guidelines in just 2 days.

Transparent Project Management

Transparent Project Management

From processing to approvals, all managed by a Trello board.


What will you do in full video clean up & branding?

Full Video cleanup includes removing silences, fillers like umm..ahh..ooh, etc in such a manner that it doesn't break the flow of the conversation. Full video branding includes Intro Animation, Outro Animation, and Title Animations for Speaker/Host Names with titles.

What will you do in Snippet clean up & branding?

Snippet cleanup includes removing silences, fillers like umm..ahh..ooh, etc in such a manner that it doesn't break the flow of the conversation. Snippet branding includes Intro Thumbnails, Outro Animation, Title Animations for Speaker/Host Names with titles & Subtitles.

Can we submit an episode edit request for a different brand in our group of companies?

Each subscription allows for 1 brand.

How many active requests can we have?

You can have 1 active request at a time. Basically, it means we will work on 1 thing for you at a time.

How long does it take for you to deliver the output?

It typically takes us 2 business days per request.

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