8 ways to repurpose your blog content

8 ways to repurpose your blog content

8 content pieces you can create from Blogs are:

  • Video Snippets
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Slide decks
  • Quote cards
  • ABM content and much more.

In this blog, we'll talk about 8 ways to convert your blog into different formats of content in detail, but before we talk about that, here is a little background. 

The idea is to create more with less effort - Blogs are content dense materials that can be converted into a plethora of short, catchy and engaging content when appropriately skimmed. 

Less is more. And in the case of blogs, way more!

Without further ado, let's get started!

1. Converting into Videos: You have enough content on your blog to convert directly into scripts or find inspiration. You can make videos using the entire blog or some sections of it. The content of a video is the most vital aspect to consider. Everything else will fall into place once you have that and when you have a blog the content is already set. 

When you convert your entire blog into a video, you can let your audience decide how they want to consume your content. Your blogs can be converted into animated text videos, which take less time to create than animated videos but serve the purpose of creating visually compelling content that is memorable and engaging. After all, people only remember about 80% of what they see.

The video is made from a blog.

2. Converting into Podcasts: You can either convert your entire blog or selected sections into an audio format and publish it as a podcast. This way, you can reach a broader number of audiences who rely on or prefer podcasts over blogs. Once your first audio file is ready, you can also translate it into different languages. This will help you reach more people. One of the main reasons podcasts are still so popular is that you can listen to them while working on something else. Let it be while cleaning, commuting or anything else. Converting your blogs into podcasts will give your audience the benefit of taking in all the information that you have to provide without stopping their routine work. 

3. Converting into Infographics: Just pick the important points from the blog, create designs and done. A massive amount of content is available for your audience to consume. Who has the time or the patience? Longer content can help with SEO, but it can also be overwhelming. Your audience will appreciate a brief version of your content, like an infographic. Infographics aid in growth because they are concise, visually appealing and easily shared by pages and individuals. Here's an infographic made from a blog.

Girl in a jacket

4. Converting into eBooks or Guides: You have the content; you just have to collate. Decide on the theme, do keyword research, categorise your blogs, and convert them into comprehensive materials. Your blog content can be considered a valuable database of information your users can refer to. Your ebook will help your readers quickly find the specific content they're looking for without having to sift through old pages on your blog. Your old content will resurface, so you won't have to lament the fact that you spent so much time on work that is no longer visible or attracting reader attention. Essentially, you provide comprehensive material to your audience, which is a great way to demonstrate your expertise subtly. 

5. Create quote cards: Any short, impactful, relevant two-three line paragraph can be converted into quote cards. Brands often turn to quotes when it comes to non-promotional posts. This can also be used to drive traffic to the main blog.

6. Build slide deck for Slideshare: Slide Decks is one of the simplest ways to repurpose blogs. For building a slide deck, you just need content; you shorten it and highlight important points, decide on the design which can be executed on tons of free tools available with pre-designed templates and done! Here’s a slide deck of this blog to give you a better idea. 

Girl in a jacket

You can repurpose your blogs into a slide deck in 5 easy steps. Learn more.

7. Expanding on earlier discussed topics: If you go through your old blogs, you will be surprised at how many topics you can find to work on to create new content. There will be topics that are not covered in depth. Topics where data is out of date or new trends, have emerged. These topics can be picked up and used as the basis for new content. This will form the foundation of new articles, videos and much more.

8. Email series: You can take bits and pieces from your blog or use the micro-content that you created from your blogs for your email marketing campaigns. As a lot of new pieces can be created from 1 blog in just 3 steps. You can create email series blog wise and make maximum use of it.

Blogs are great, but they have the potential to become so much more - Don't snip their wings; let them fly and reach great heights. Blogs are filled with content and inspiration for new content that can be used in endless ways. Repurposing blogs will help the blog's marketing too and help drive traffic to it. Start digging through your old blogs and create unlimited content!

Arpita Lenka

Helping you create more content with less effort.