3 Steps to Repurpose a Blog into an Email Series

3 Steps to Repurpose a Blog into an Email Series

Pick a blog, choose the best parts of it for email & just send it out!

Simple, right?

Not really?

Let me explain in detail how to repurpose your blog content into an email series in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Pick the right blog

You don't just randomly pick any blog and use it for your email marketing. The content has to be either trending, performing well or relevant.

Let's say you are an e-commerce platform for beauty, wellness and skincare products. You write blogs intending to create valuable content and position yourself as an industry expert. Last summer, you wrote a blog about the best sunscreens available in the market for different skin types, with a list of pros and cons for each product. And this year, you want to repurpose that blog into an email series to drive sales.

This will be a relevant and trending topic in summer as many customers will be looking for sunscreens.

Step 2: Choose the best parts of the blog for email

Now that you have picked the blog, let's see how we can repurpose it into an email series. 

1: Choose content for introductory mail

Example: An introductory/welcome mail about the onset of summer and the advantages of using sunscreen, which I believe will already be in a blog like that. It would just require some rephrasing.

2: Categorise the main information and choose content for subsequent mails

Example : Categorise the products mentioned in the blog according to types of sunscreen, skin type, price, or pain points that particular sunscreen solves.

3: Decide the sequence 

Example : Your next emails can focus on one of those points mentioned above. For example, after you send the introductory mail. You can send an email about types of sunscreen and how to find which one works best for their skin.

Your messaging tone and style may differ according to the customer. Whether the customer was already on your email list or they have just signed up. Customers who have just signed up will need more context about your company than existing ones. Nonetheless, the content of the blog will help reach out to both.

Step 3: Hit the send button & Analyse

You will need to analyse the data you can gather about the performance of the email and try to customise your subsequent emails according to that. For example, you see a specific section of the customer on the list following your CTA to visit the website, and the mail was about sunscreens for oily skin. For that section of the customer, sending emails about sunscreens for other skin types might be irrelevant. Something like sunscreen for oily skin under 399 will be more relevant.


So, keep on analysing and optimising. 

Now making an email series from a blog doesn’t seem that confusing, right? When you are repurposing a blog, you have all the data and information. You just need to pick useful parts of it that can be used for your email series and focus on how to frame the email in the right way, so it triggers the desired action. Once that is done just sequence the emails in a meaningful way and send it out. 

Arpita Lenka

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