7 Ways to Repurpose Content for Instagram

7 Ways to Repurpose Content for Instagram

Creating good quality content consistently for Instagram is no joke.

It is time consuming. Requires a lot of effort. Especially when you just have seconds to make an impression and grab your audience’s attention.

But there is an easy way to create more content with less effort.

That easy way is Content Repurposing. 

 Let’s discuss 7 ways you can repurpose content for Instagram:

  • Long-Form Content to Carousels Posts
  • Curate a Guide
  • Create Story Highlights 
  • Resize Videos for IGTV
  • Reels from Video Content
  • Make use of website content
  • Screenshot Your Best Tweets

#1 Long-Form Content to Carousels Posts

Remember you just have a few seconds, that’s it. Few seconds to make an impression on a social media platform like Instagram, which is flooded with content. In such a scenario, long-form content is usually not a great idea.

A concise form of content like a carousel post is a great alternative. If you have blogs, podcasts, webinars or any other long-form content, then make bullet-point summaries with relevant graphics, photos or illustrations and create a carousel post. You can have up to 10 slides in one carousel post. Let’s say you are an e-commerce platform that deals with the  procurement needs for cloud kitchens and you have a blog about the must-have kitchen equipment in all categories. You can just use the information to create a carousel post for your Instagram like shown here: 

Tip: Clickable links cannot be added in Instagram captions. So you can add the link of main content in the bio and mention that in the caption if you want to drive traffic to it.

#2 Curate a Guide

Instagram Guides are a great way to share curated, scrollable content with your followers. They also get saved a lot. IG guides provide users with an easy way to consume a collection of Instagram posts, products, or locations in a digestible format. You can categorise similar theme posts and curate a guide for an easy access to all the content with a similar theme.

Let’s go with the earlier example. As you are an e-commerce platform it is obvious that you will have product promotion posts. But when someone visits your profile they won’t be able to see all the post promotion posts at once or search for it. This doesn’t mean that there is no way to do that. Use the Instagram Guide feature to put together everything related to product promotion in one place.  

A very popular example of it is pages creating a guide of all Covid resources.

#3 Create Story Highlights

This is another great way to put everything your customer might be looking for in one place. The added advantage is that it is in a strategic location, that is, under your bio and is the first thing that your visitors see. We shouldn't let go of an opportunity to create a good first impression. 

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Unlike Guides you can only add stories that you have posted, not anything else in the highlight. You can find all your stories in the story archive section. Similar to the guides, categorise according to themes and put it together with the right title. For example, all the product reviews, feedback and testimonials you shared on your stories can be clubbed together to create a review highlight. This way, whenever new customers visit your page, they can check it out. With this, your efforts to create good stories won't go in vain. That is it won’t vanish in 24 hours.

#4 Resize Videos for IGTV

If you have video content like webinar recordings or youtube videos, resize it for IGTV and post it. In IGTV, you can upload videos in both portrait and landscape mode. This is one of the simplest ways to repurpose your long form video content. If you have Youtube videos you don’t even need to resize it. It can be posted as it is as both IGTV and Youtube videos have the same dimension.

Just because you can post the entire video doesn’t mean that you should. Your audience might prefer bite-sized content. So you can take out clips of interesting parts that are more likely to grab your audience’s attention and post them on IGTV. If the duration of the clip is less than 90 seconds try considering making reels.

#5 Reels from Video Content

Reels are a popular and addictive feature. It is a great way to get discovered by your audience. As it is a new feature, the Instagram algorithm naturally tends to promote it more. You can make reels of up to 90 seconds. So, repurpose your long-form video contents into easy-to-digest reel formats. The ideal dimension of a reel is 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels. You can add music, effects, increase the speed - basically do a certain level of editing in the Instagram app itself. 

#6 Screenshot Your Best Tweets

It's funny, but somehow quotes that are shared as a screenshot of a tweet tend to perform better than the same quote shared in some other format. If you are creating content on Twitter, repurpose it for Instagram to make easily shareable posts. You can also screenshot tweet threads and make it into a carousel post.

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#7 Make use of website content:

If you have an e-commerce platform, then I am sure you have a good collection of product photos which have been clicked and edited professionally. Use the same product photos and list your products using the Instagram Shop feature. To use this feature you need to register your account as an Instagram Business account. 

When you have the pressure of creating good quality content constantly, it is no surprise that you will reach the burnout stage faster. But you can prevent that by content repurposing. So make use of existing content;  repurpose it - make carousels, story highlights, guides, and much more.

Arpita Lenka

Helping you create more content with less effort.