Top 3 Profiles to Follow ASAP on LinkedIn for Content Repurposing

Top 3 Profiles to Follow ASAP on LinkedIn for Content Repurposing

The guys on the list today are all about creativity, value addition and relevancy. If you are genuinely looking for good quality content around content repurposing, then all I can say is your search is over. They have everything you need. Suggestions, tips, examples, and a lot more.

Let's say hi to the experts one by one. 

#1 Justin Simon - He is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at, which is a marketing operating system. This content marketer helps companies and creators learn how to spread their content out so they get more pipeline, traffic, and attention. He even has a course - Content Repurposing Roadmap where he teaches how to repurpose and distribute your content in an hour. 

One thing that Justin doesn't like is self-serving content; I think that's why all his content is about adding value to his customers. I can assure you that once you start scrolling through his content, you won't be able to stop. Beautifully crafted to-the-point post. Here's one:

Apparently, just one picture and less than 63 words are enough to prove that content-platform compatibility is important and there is no harm in experimenting.  

Here's another one:

I couldn’t agree more. New content does not equal better content!


#2 Josef Newton - The Founder of Brand is Demand who is all about creativity and is bored of seeing everyone on LinkedIn follow the same creative playbook. All I can say is - I feel you, Josef. If you don't want to be stuck with vicious boring content then you need to visit his profile right now. Man makes some amazing points. You know what's better? It's not just all talking - do this, do that, follow my advice, blah blah. It's all about what you can do and here's how. 

Look at this video. Not something you will find regularly on LinkedIn. The video layout changes continuously every few seconds making the video interesting till the end. In the post he talks about how to not create boring videos and shares an example as well.

Check this post out where he talks about how creativity can make any boring topic interesting. Even topics like cyber security. 

At the end of the day, it's not what content you have but how you present it that matters more. If you are a big fan of creativity and feel like that's one thing missing in your strategy then Josef is your guy. His content is all about - creativity, creativity and creativity. 

#3 Amy Woods - Amy is a Content Repurposing Expert who founded a content repurposing agency Content 10x in the year 2017. Amy has established herself as a leading expert and true visionary in the field of content repurposing. She's spoken about this underutilised approach on stages all over the world, including Podcast Movement, Podfest, Content Live, Retain Live, Agency Transformation Live, Youpreneur Summit, RadioDays Europe and more.

This expert will always grab your attention with some offbeat suggestions and advice.

You can also go to her company page if you want more information about content repurposing.

I hope you are headed straight to LinkedIn after reading this blog. After all, if you are into content repurposing. The content shared on these profiles will come handy and you will be able to create a useful circle on LinkedIn.

Arpita Lenka

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