The Simplest Instagram Content Repurposing Strategy for YouTubers

The Simplest Instagram Content Repurposing Strategy for YouTubers

You know how much time, energy and resources is required just to create good content for YouTube. That’s just one platform. Imagine doing the same for multiple platforms. 

Are you already dreading the thought?

Take a deep breath and start repurposing your YouTube videos.

You can repurpose your YouTube videos into 

  • Carousel Posts
  • IGTVs
  • Reels
  • Audiograms and much more

Post as an IGTV: The easiest thing to do is resize your entire YouTube video for IGTV and post it on Instagram. You can also post IGTVs in landscape mode; the dimensions are the same as YouTube videos. So, it won't take much time, and you will have content for two platforms.

But is it the best use of your YouTube videos? Probably not. A better way to use your YouTube video would be to create clips/shorts/snippets from it as the Instagram audience usually prefers short-form content. 

Take out Snippets for Reels: You can take out snippets from your videos and post it as a reel. It can be anything interesting or catchy from the video. Just make sure that it is relevant to your audience. For reels, you can upload videos of up to 90 seconds. As Instagram Reels is a new feature, the Instagram algorithm tends to promote it more. So, make the most of it by posting short snippets of your video after resizing it into the reel dimension of 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels. 

Tip: Clickable links cannot be added in Instagram captions. So you can add the link of the main video in the bio and mention that in the caption if you want to drive traffic to it.

Make a Carousel post: You can make carousel posts using the content of your YouTube video. Highlight the key takeaways or points from your video and make a carousel out of it for Instagram. You can have up to 10 slides in your carousel post. 

Let's say you have a video about the top 8 Italian restaurants in New York where you are talking about the ambience, timings, food, and price. You also show clips of the places. You can shorten that information and put it in both text and video format in a carousel. You can:

  • Make different carousel restaurants wise. In each post, you can talk about one restaurant from the video, its food, ambience, price, timings, etc. This way, you easily get 8 posts from 1 video.
  • Simply make a carousel about the Top 8 Italian restaurants in Kolkata and talk about one place in each slide.


Make a quote card:  Quotes are a great way to quickly encapsulate your video's key points or exciting highlights. Pick a few great lines from the video, select a template and just put it together! Quote Card's shareability is also more. Here's a quote card from an episode of an online talk show. 

Make audiograms: Extract the audio file of your YouTube video, and convert it into an audiogram. You can add different kinds of elements to your audiogram like sound waves, captions or pictures of the host or people in the audiogram. For example, you have a YouTube channel where you interview celebrities, you can make an audiogram with the guest's face on the cover. 

Isn't it amazing how you can make so many fresh pieces of content from one video? Creating video content takes a lot of time and resources, so you should try to squeeze every ounce of content you can from it and repurpose it. So make carousel posts, audiograms, IGTVs, reels, and much more for Instagram with less effort.

Arpita Lenka

Helping you create more content with less effort.