3 things to avoid while content repurposing

3 things to avoid while content repurposing

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the pillar content you are repurposing is of good quality. Be careful about which content you are picking for repurposing and how you are repurposing. Are you focusing on quality over quantity? Are you keeping in mind the platform you are repurposing for? You need to keep a few things in mind before starting content repurposing.


It's not just a random pick and repurpose. There has to be a strategy. Before you set up your repurposing strategy, let's look at 3 things you must avoid. 

1. Repurposing poor content - Choosing the right content for repurposing is the most important part. If you repurpose poor-quality content, you are simply amplifying poor content.

Let's say you have a YouTube video that you posted a few years back, but it didn't get enough views and likes. You might feel that as you have put so much effort into it, you might as well repurpose it and make the most out of it. Resist the temptation and stop right there! Before investing more time into it, figure out why it failed. Maybe because the content was of poor quality (like not relevant to your audience).

2. Quality over quantity - Never! I repeat, never give more importance to quantity over quality. Your customers, without a doubt, will appreciate good quality content. After all, who wants to be spammed with poor content that is irrelevant and makes them go - "What the heck is this". Once you are known as a brand for creating too much bad quality content, your good piece will also get overlooked.

3. Picking Random Content and Posting Randomly - Relevancy + Value Addition Check before anything. You can't just randomly pick anything and bombard your customer with it. Like repurposing a blog about the best movie theatre in town into an Instagram carousel post during a Covid 19 lockdown. What will they do with this information when all the theatres are closed.

Content - platform compatibility is also crucial.

Let's say you have a make-up review channel on YouTube, and you take out snippets of each product you reviewed in a video and post it on LinkedIn. The first question that should come to your mind after reading this is - "why would anyone post a product review on a professional networking site?". These kinds of content are suitable for platforms like Instagram and Facebook, not LinkedIn. So, you can't just randomly post anything anywhere. There has to be a strategy. 

Lastly, make use of data and analytics to pick the right content. Content that is performing well or started to perform well after a gap.

Just remember the whole point of any content that you create is being relevant and adding value to your customer and content repurposing is a medium to do so with less effort. It helps you save time and energy and make good content for various platforms. 

The next time you are repurposing make sure to pick good quality content, focus on quality and have a strategy. 

Arpita Lenka

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