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Problems you'll solve

These problems hurt B2B marketers both big and small. These need to be solved if you want your Webinar to perform & scale.

1. Wrong Content

Content of your Webinar is the foundational piece. If it's not right for you audience, nothing else you do will work.

2. Wrong Audience

If you're not reaching the right audience, no matter how good your content is, it'll still not work. You need to reach the right audience with the right content.

3. Wrong Tools

You're not using the right tools to do your webinar to set you up for success. Most webinars are a presentation & video of the speaker but if you could get the video recording separately, you can prime it for repurposing & distribution.

4. Wrong Expectations

You'll rarely see a B2B webinar with 100,000's of views. It doesn't happen because the content you should be creating interests a small segment of people

Success Stories

We love the work. We have gone “viral” (for us). With over 750,000 views on one of the shorts.

Before we would only have about a few hundred views if that.

We have over 600 new subscribers, and this has impressed our investors and board .

Ariana Faustini

Head of Global Marketing

I have loved working with Komet Media on my podcast.

It's honestly the only way I can imagine doing this type of content and being able to not just create a show that goes out into Spotify and Apple, but be able to create a web of content that comes off of that every single week that I can post across social media and deliver that content to my audience.

I would highly recommend if you are looking to use video content across your different channels and across different mediums that you would check out Komet media to be able to do that for you and your business.

Justin Simon

Founder Distribution First

Komet Media, a great asset to the team! From the very beginning their level of service and process to collaborate was top notch. Overall I applaud them on their adaptability, correspondence, work ethic and quality of output.

Jess Olarte

Marketing Strategist @ Faethm AI

Komet Media is our Ace in the hole. They took our production value way up.

They’re super responsive and they implement feedback on the fly. Since posting our clips on socials we’ve seen a massive uptick in our engagement which has resulted in a ton more podcast episodes. It's really that flywheel effect that we intend to keep on going. 

Signing Komet Media has been like taking a rocket ship to the moon. If you’re considering them, buckle in & prepare for take-off.

Austin Beveridge

Head of Marketing @ Arc Technologies

You all are AWESOME. We were testing multiple vendors this first month to see what the output was like. You knocked it out of the park! Design, timing, responsiveness! Thank you :)

Emily mireault

Emily Mireault

Marketing @ Nectar

Komet created a set of videos for Swayable to use across our marketing and content efforts. The team is incredibly fast, responsive, and professional when it comes to video delivery. Our team loves the content as well!

Michelle Wiles

Marketing @ Swayable


Most podcast editors don’t take the time to understand the content. You basically have to hand hold them through the edit. We were not looking for another editing agency who would keep asking us what to clip or what’s important. That’s exactly why we went with the Komet Media team.

They took ownership of the project, took the time to research and understand the content, basically bringing a lot of value to the table. They've done great work with our L&D Cafe podcast & MochaSips podcast.

For us personally, they've made it easy to consistently churn out podcasts because we know we just have to send it to them and they'll take care of everything else.

Pranav Kale

Pranav Kale

Marketing Storyteller and
Strategist @ iMocha

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